Yoga is a holistic method of self-exploration and self-mastery that confers innumerable physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits upon anyone who makes an earnest effort to practice it. It requires no specific belief system other than a will to improve the functioning of the body, tame the mind, age gracefully, and explore the nature of one's own consciousness. All yoga sequences and techniques can be individualized to accommodate anyone's state of health and/or flexibility. Yoga is for everyone.

Over the last few years of traveling and practicing around the world, I have come across so many people who have profoundly transformed their lives through the practice of yoga. One trait they all seem to have in common is a sincere desire to share this ancient art with others. It is these inspiring friends, teachers, students, and fellow practitioners I refer to as the Worldwide Yoga Tribe.


My intention is to provide information, inspiration, resources, and connections conducive to creating a world in which yoga is accessible to all people, regardless of geographic, economic, emotional, or physiological state.

When I'm not wandering, I can be found teaching regular classes and workshops at Om Shala Yoga in Arcata, California or Ashtanga Yoga Studio in Norman, Oklahoma.


Contact me for more info about how yoga can work to evolve the experience and quality of your life in any direction you wish; or to arrange a class, group lesson, individual session, or tropical yoga immersion retreat.

Joey Paz,
Founder, Worldwide Yoga Tribe
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